Hopp til hovedinnhold

Service abroad in civil or commercial matters

When authorities need assistance from another country's authorities in connection with a civil case, they can submit a request for this. This could, for example, be a request to convey documents or assistance in witness examination.

The Hague conventions of 1965 and 1970

On questions regarding the Hague conventions of 1965 and 1970, The Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority (Sivilrettsforvaltningen) is the Norwegian central authority.

The convention from 1965 applies to the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents in the area of civil and commercial law. The convention from 1970 applies to the collection of evidence in the area of civil and commercial law.

Read more on the Hague Conference on private international law websites.

Other legal requests

Legal requests in criminal cases or other civil matters than the ones mentioned in the two Hague conventions, are handled by the Ministry of Justice and public security.

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